CPPR will continue as Looije Packing Rotterdam.

From 1-1-2023, Cool Port Packing Rotterdam (CPPR) will continue under the name Looije Packing Rotterdam.

This choice was made for various reasons, such as strengthening the Looije brand and clarifying our organizational structure for external parties.

Over the past 20 years, the name Looije has built up quite a track record within the fruit and vegetable sector and we are proud of that. 

We have also opened several locations with Looije Packing in recent years. We now carry out our repacking and packaging activities in Ridderkerk, Strijen, Oud-Beijerland and Poeldijk. 
This name change allows us to focus on one brand and our customers know that they are dealing with one company.

With multiple locations we can serve our customers across different locations and from January 1 the Rotterdam location will be added. The advantage of this is that there is always room to serve customers and we can offer a wide range of repacking and packaging services.

Looije Packing, together with Looije Uitzenden, is part of the Looije Group and we strive to serve companies in the fruit and vegetable sector as well as possible.

In recent years we have invested in centralized working. The idea is not to limit knowledge and skills to one location, but to use them for the entire company.

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