Ready for the
hard fruit season!

Looije Packing is currently still into the grape programmes. Packing is done according to the customer’s wishes, usually from loose to Topseal or Clamshell.

There are again major differences in quality this season, but so far we have always been able to send out a healthy product.

In addition to the current programs, we are of course also looking forward to the upcoming top fruit season. 

Considerable volumes of apples and pears are planned. We have a lot of Foodtainer and Carton Sleeve programs this year. We run these programs at several locations to meet the large volumes. In addition, there are also some smaller programs planned, such as single-layer packing and Flowpacking.

To start the apple and pear season well prepared, our employees have once again had refresher training. In this way, our staff knows what to look out for and we also try to work more efficiently. A good example of this is our automated apple insertion system in Rotterdam. This is currently being installed by our technical department, so we are ready in time to process all programs.

We work closely with our partners to ensure optimal storage and transshipment conditions so we can store the fruit and vegetables longer.

If you have any packing questions, do not hesitate to contact us. By expanding our machine park and our cross-location approach, we can act quickly and there’s a good chance that we will still be able to meet your packing needs.

René Tunker

Kierownik Handlowy